The moments of pop culture

The moments of pop culture

We laugh, we cower, we tweet: these are the pop culture moments we will fondly remember as the year comes to a close. From the most meme-worthy moment of “House of Gucci”

The best resurrection of a touchstone of the early 2000s (Bennifer tried, but was surpassed by another music diva), we reviewed the moments of the pop culture that helped us overcome another “unprecedented”. ” year. It is the sign of the cross for a woman who worships at the altar of FASHION, a line so great that only Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta could have invented it on the spot.

How you feel about the movie this iconic line reading comes from probably depends on how many different versions of an Italian accent you can tolerate, but the gift of Gaga’s performance made all the Super Mario impressions worth it. -Paige’s eyes speak volumes about the horrors of driving through central Florida with an intriguing new friend and hers threatening hers, er, “roommate” of hers.

It remains to be seen if the Academy will give Paige what is hers, but we on CNN’s Culture team are DELIGHTED to introduce her to a spot on this equally revered and no-nonsense list.
Best 10-minute performance in a movie Zendaya appeared more in arena heir Timothée Chalamet’s hallucinations than in relevant “Dune” plot sequences, but she made the most of those bright blue contacts during the few minutes she was on screen.

Like Chani, she had the movie’s first and last words: take that, Timmy! -and she managed to knock down the Paul de Chalamet when she lends him her precious crys knife. She brings the second part, Denis Villeneuve, and put our girl front and center next time. Kravitz and Tatum are simply the latest in a long legacy of beautiful black women with men who fall short of their attractiveness levels (see also: Jodie Turner-Smith and Joshua Jackson.

Serena Williams and Alexis Ohanian, uh Zoë Kravitz and the ex-husband of her). History aside, Tatum and Kravitz were our favorite Brooklyn hipster couple this year, looking glamorously unglamorous while riding bikes, grabbing groceries, and just walking, making mere mortals cringe. Even if it was just a paparazzi ploy, we ate it. Who else could create international chaos over misinformation about the whose claim, based on the surely infallible .

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