Return to Hogwarts critics mourn Rowling’s

Return to Hogwarts critics mourn Rowling's

A television special that brings together members of the Harry Potter cast has received mixed reviews from critics, with many pointing to the absence of author JK Rowling.

It has been speculated that the writer was excluded from the show after her earlier comments about trans people divided public opinion. Rowling does not appear with the cast members on the special and she is only seen in archival video clips. Harry Potter 20th Anniversary To Hogwarts launches on January 1. Quidditch could be renamed after Rowling trans row.

Harry Potter Movies At 20: What The Cast Did Next The UK locations that brought Harry Potter to life The special sees former child stars Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, and Rupert Grint reunite with other cast members, including Robbie Coltrane, Helena Bonham Carter, Jason Isaacs, Gary Oldman, and Ralph Fiennes. However, while some actors like Coltrane refer to Rowling during interviews with her.

The Times described it as “a lovely, if sometimes cloying, reunion a key ingredient missing” in Rowling. Where is JK Rowling when we need her most?” The Telegraph asked in their two-star review. The reason for Rowling’s absence has not been officially confirmed by the author Warner Bros film studio, or broadcaster HBO. If you haven’t had enough sugar this Christmas, an overdose on this Harry Potter reunion extravaganza should rectify .

Return to Hogwarts is a long, sparkling, nostalgic festival of love, with its top stars lining up to share memories of the making of the movies and, naturally, to say how much they ‘love’ each other (there’s a lot of that). However, in her positive four-star review, Midgley said that Rowling’s absence of new content was conspicuous. It’s as if the younger royal family had a Buckingham Palace celebration on their knees and didn’t invite the Queen.

The fact that Rowling isn’t sitting there in the Gryffindor common room or walking Diagon Alley, with the actors who were children at the time acknowledging what their careers owe to her, seems like a strange and key omission,” He said. Ed Power of The Telegraph noted that Rowling “appears in a handful of short clips from 2019,” but otherwise lamented the prominent absence of her” from her.

What is ultimately missing is a genuine insight into Harry and what was in him that paralyzed so many readers. And, to be honest, only JK Rowling could have offered that kind of information.” There was a more enthusiastic review from Metro’s Sabrina Barr, who said the show features “eye-opening revelations and a lot of heart.



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