Penthouse in London for £ 13.5 million

Penthouse in London for £ 13.5 million

A money laundering lawsuit in Germany is shedding light on the purchase of a luxury penthouse in London by cryptocurrency scammer Dr.

Ruja Ignatova. Jamie Bartlett and Rob Byrne from The Missing Cryptoqueen podcast explain how she used UK-based attorneys and wealth managers, who continued to offer their services after her disappearance. A former doorman at the upscale Abbots House apartment block in Kensington recalls meeting Dr. Ruja Ignatova in 2016, when he was returning from a shopping trip with his Bulgarian bodyguards.

These two poor men came after her like overloaded donkeys, struggling and a little out of breath; they must have had 20 bags each,” says James (not her real name of hers). Dr. Ruja had been splurging on designer brand products (Jimmy Choo, Prada, and Calvin Klein) regardless of expenses. A little later, James took a look inside his four-bedroom penthouse with a pool.

I had a painting of Andy Warhol tucked into the closet and that broke my heart because I went to art school,” says the former policeman. That was a copy of actress Elizabeth Taylor. Another Warhol, Red Lenin, hung over the fireplace. To the left of a sofa in another reception room was a Queen Bubblegum print by Michael Moebius, showing Queen Elizabeth blowing a bubble.

Private Eye later estimated that the flat contained works of art worth £ 500,000, purchased from the Halcyon Gallery in London. James wondered if Dr. Ignatova was deliberately distributing her suspicious wealth into assets that could be easily moved to avoid being confiscated. On September 17, Dr. Ruja’s German lawyer, Martin Breidenbach, was tried in Münster, charged with money laundering for transferring 20 million euros.

London law firm to finance the purchase of the luxury property. Two others are also in the dock, facing charges related to the diversion of millions of euros from Dr. Ruja’s 4 billion euro scam, which consisted of selling something that did not exist, a fake cryptocurrency that he called One Coin. . When the lease was signed in August 2016, financial regulators in at least one European country had already issued a warning about One Coin.

A few months earlier, Dr. Ruja had pleaded guilty to fraud and other charges in a German court, after bankrupting a metal factory she had bought and putting 150 people out of work in 2011. Lawyers for Locke Lord, a US law firm with an office in London, expressed concern about the source of the 20 million euros that were transferred; This is evident from internal emails revealed later in a US court case.But Dr.

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