Evil Corp World’s Most Wanted Hackers

Evil Corp World's Most Wanted Hackers

Many of the people on the FBI’s Most Wanted list are Russians. While some reportedly work for the government at a normal salary, others are accused of making a fortune from ransomware attacks and online theft.

If they left Russia they would be arrested, but at home they seem to have free rein. We’re wasting our time, I thought, as I watched a cat licking the carcass of a discarded chicken. Surely there would no longer be any trace of a suspected billionaire cybercriminal on this dilapidated property in a dilapidated city 700 kilometers (400 miles) east of Moscow. But I went ahead with an interpreter and a cameraman.

Chasing the mangy cat from the apartment block entrance. When we knocked on one of the doors, a young man answered and a curious old woman looked around the corner from the kitchen. Igor Turashev? No, I don’t recognize the name,” she said. His family is registered here After a friendly chat, we explained that we were reporters for the BBC, and the mood suddenly changed.

I’m not telling you where he is and you shouldn’t try to find him. You shouldn’t have come here,” the young man said angrily. I didn’t sleep well that night, thinking about the conflicting advice that people in the security industry had given me. Some said trying to track down wanted cybercriminals on his home soil was risky. “They will have armed guards,” they told me. “You’ll end up in a ditch somewhere,” warned another.

The victims range from small businesses to multinationals like Garmin, as well as charities and a school. They are only the ones we know. Watch Russian Hackers Wanted by the West on iPlayer This Weekend and BBC News ChannelĀ  Viewers outside the UK can watch on BBC World News The US Department of Justice says the men are “cyberspace-enabled bank robbers” who stage ransomware attacks or hack accounts to steal money.

The ad turned Maksim Yakubets, then just 32, into a model for the Russian hacker playboy. Footage of the gang obtained by the UK’s National Crime Agency showed the men driving custom Lamborghinis, laughing with wads of cash and playing with a pet lion cub. ex-gang members and the use of cyber-forensics. Some information dates back to 2010, when the Russian police were still willing to collaborate with their American colleagues.


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