Books 2022 a selection of what is to come

Books 2022 a selection of what is to come

Despite the fragility of the overall economy, £ 1.1 billion has been spent on 128 million books in the UK since mid-March, when Nielsen market analysts resumed their data reporting.

The behemoth of Richard Osman’s Thursday Murder Club books has led this momentum, with both novels dominating the best-seller lists. Meanwhile, 30 of the 50 best-selling books of 2021 were written by women. Of course, these green shoots of optimism are established in a context of continuous uncertainty. But with hope in our hearts, let’s take a look at some of the new titles for 2022 that could nonetheless give the horizon a rosy glow.

On and off the page, Marian Keyes’s seductive affability and fearless honesty about the bad side of life have won out. she an army of fans all over the world. Her 15 titles include Sushi For Beginners, Anybody Out There, Grown Ups and hers most successful of hers, 1998’s Rachel’s Holiday. In the first Keyes sequel, Rachel, the party girl who celebrated her path to rehab, is back and tidy. Life is good.

But circumstances and emotions are never that simple, and as the ghosts of her past begin to resurface, Rachel struggles to keep her nerves. How do you follow a great award-winning debut? If you’ve got the guts, she’ll head straight back into the saddle, which is precisely what Shuggie Bain, Booker Award-winning author Douglas Stuart has done. Like her debut, Young Mungo takes place in Glasgow.

Where Stuart grew up, and takes on an unwaveringly tough and deeply human story. Against the backdrop of working-class life in the 1980s, it follows two young men who live in constant fear of revealing that they are in love. The threat of violence lurks around every corner. Can they survive? Better yet, can they escape? This is Jennifer Egan’s 2011 Pulitzer Prize-winning A Visit From The Goon Squad long-gestation novel

Which unfolded through 13 interrelated stories and saw Egan change time and genre. It is now 2010 and the brilliant tech entrepreneur Bix Bouton develops Own Your Unconscious, a means of accessing all the memories he has ever had and sharing them in exchange for the memories of others. Once again, Egan explains the consequences of Bouton’s invention through the linked narratives of multiple characters whose paths cross over several decades.

In 2019, Candice Carty-Williams’ debut novel Queenie, the story of a young Jamaican. troubled, it became a word of Blow on the Mouth. It won the book of the year at the British Book Awards, where Judge Stig Abell described it as “an important meditation on friendship, love and race Now Carty-Williams has applied her tactile prowess to the story of Dimple Pennington, an emerging lifestyle influencer whose own drab existence is far from inspiring.

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