15 movies to watch out for in the Oscars

15 movies to watch out for in the Oscars race

It’s hard to talk about cinema right now without mentioning Covid. The virus has had a significant impact on movie theater audiences as well as release patterns.

But as always in show business, the awards show must go on somehow, and there is a crop of exceptional pieces of film in the potential contest for this year’s Oscars. So here are 15 movies worth watching in the run-up to the Academy Awards in late March. – This semi-autobiographical film by Sir Kenneth Branagh is a story about raising a child in Belfast.

Who’s in it? – Jude Hill, Jamie Dornan, Ciaran Hinds, Caitriona Balfe. Strong across the board with nominations for Best Picture, Director, Screenplay, and Acting probably, as well as Best Song for a Van Morrison song Down To Joy. Sir Kenneth could also become the first person to be nominated in seven different categories for throughout his career.

He already has nominations for director, actor, supporting actor, adapted screenplay, and live action short films. If he gets nominations for best picture and original screenplay for Belfast, he will set a new record (not counting Walt Disney It’s a Steven Spielberg remake of the classic musical about rival New York street gangs and the love story of Tony and Maria.

What are Oscar’s chances of him? -He should be singing and dancing to multiple major nominations for best picture, director of Spielberg and actress of the relatively new Rachel who won the best supporting actress award in the original 1961 version, is probably the favorite to win that award again, this time for playing a new character named Valentina.

Where can i see him? – It’s already in theaters, what is it about? -It’s a dark western in which a rancher cruelly torments his brother’s new wife and his son. ¬†Cumberbatch, Kirsten Dunst, Jesse Plemons What are your chances of Oscar reviewed films of the year, it seems certain that it will get nominations for best film, adapted screenplay and in the acting categories.

Only seven women have been nominated in the best director category, but The Power of Dog’s Jane Campion will likely become the first woman to be nominated twice her first was for The Piano in 1993. ¬†It was released in theaters in November and is now streaming on Netflix. – It’s a first love story set in the San Fernando Valley of California in the 1970s.


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